About Us

Universal Shraddha Foundation

Universal SHRADDHA Foundation (USF) is A 501-C(3) Non Profit Organization, driven by selfless volunteerism at its core. It endeavors to serve the humanity through promotion of value-centric activities in the areas of Cultural, Social, Educational, Spiritual and Individual developments. Mission -To engage and collaborate with its members, volunteers & supporting organizations, USF will undertake activities, events & programs at local, national or international levels to cater to people of diverse age groups, backgrounds & nationalities, and enhance the greater good of our community & society.

‘Shraddha’ is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘trust’ or ‘faith’ - it reflects our inner self,virtues, as well as the values that we hold in highest regard. It also describes that positiveenergy that comes from our deep within to shape our world and life.

Salient Features


  • From organization’s practical attributes point of view, ‘SHRADDHA’ stands for Spirituality, Health, Recycle,Accepting, Dutiful, Discipline, Humanitarian, Attitude.
  • Collective, inclusive & integrative decision-making process on all matters
  • Broad scope of services in all areas of community and personal needs
  • Advisory board comprised of leaders of other non-profits and/or experienced community members
  • Integrating different value-based activities for children and adults with varying interests and preferences to make it a collective enjoyable experience,
  • Setting examples for younger generation and our children with the value of selfless service to the community with mutual respect, dignity, honesty, truthfulness, fairness,accountability, and commitment
  • A strong emphasis on promoting spiritual, moral, cultural & leadership values through different educational training activities
  • Creating an organized support system to assist with personal, financial, health, professional and/or educational needs of members at the times of needs/emergencies.



Contact Us

  • 1255 FM Rd 723, Rosenberg, TX 77471

  • 281-845-9918