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Holistic Living

One of the long term goals of USF is to contribute to and promote community Holistic Living/ lifestyle balancing with the nature, and we have taken few steps towards that last year with the Shraddha garden.


Shraddha Garden

Shraddha Garden

This year, we are in the process of making that entire 1 acre of Shraddha Garden irrigated with sprinkler system, make it more efficient and sustainable for community farming / gardening in the long term. We believe it will provide with good harvest of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that can be shared with community and surrounding neighborhood. This will also provide volunteering opportunities for kids & adults and promote healthy life-style with
-opportunities for good gardening experience in a group setting
-encouragement and a sense of satisfaction in giving back to the community something organic
- promote healthy eating habits of fresh fruits and vegetables of community
- opportunities for fund raising for other charitable activities and more gardening
- food drives in the neighborhood providing fresh healthier food rather than canned or processed food .
-Broader community and volunteers engagement with similar interest for gardening/ holistic living.


Shraddha Aviary (Bird House)

Shraddha Aviary that has started with two beautiful peacocks dedicated for Lord Jagannath/ Lord Krishna is an effort towards creating an environment for Holistic living in balance with the nature and focus on our body, mind and spirit at the same time. Deers, wild birds, turtles, Coyotes, amphibians and reptiles are sometimes frequent visitors to certain parts of Shraddha Bhoomi in their own time. These animals, birds and other living entities coexisting in harmony with varieties of beautiful plants and human beings in a spiritual, loving & peaceful environment will help the community & visitors many ways by
- Promoting loving, kind and caring behavior in children, and help people naturally relax by reducing worries, anxieties etc. for all age groups
- providing pleasant peaceful and positive psychological interactions
-calming our mind helping everyone to be more productive and focused in their activities.
- providing therapeutic effects in certain situations in all age groups with happier and more positive impacts on our social interactions, thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


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