Universal SHRADDHA Foundation (USF) believes in Volunteerism


• Give back to your community or society through various channels mentioned above.
• You can ALWAYS volunteer w/without membership rights and benefits.
• Take part in cultural, social, spiritual, charitable & educational activities/ events with event-based cost sharing.
• Volunteers without membership will not directly be part of the organizational decision makings, leadership roles, or governance, but their opinions, feedback and insights matter and will be considered valuable for organizational changes & improvements.
• Volunteers will have no formal obligations yet will play a major role in the overall success of the organization.
• Provisions will be made for volunteering hours recognitions, certificates or awards, for both members & volunteers, encouraging everyone for selfless service to humanity.
Please send an email if you want to be a volunteer or have any questions/suggestions. e-mail
Let’s join hands to share and serve in a free, friendly, collaborative and enjoyable atmosphere, and help make holistic positive impacts on lives of ours and others in the society.Questions about Projects, location & volunteer, please contact us e-mail or Call:281-845-9918

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