• In the short run, while continuing with its core activities for children and adults, USF will solicit volunteering/membership in the greater Houston community and beyond, form various working committees, volunteering guidelines/rewards, and establish collaboration mechanisms with supporting organizations in alignment with and furtherance of its vision and mission.
  • In the medium & long run, the organization will strategically and sustainably expand its activities, outreach and collaboration based on the evolving opportunities, volunteer base and resources for various causes. It will extend its services at/via nursing homes, shelters, food banks, public libraries, museums, churches/ temples, educational seminars, yoga/ meditation workshops, health camps, charitable fundraisers and various non-profit/ charitable organizations. It will seek grants, support and hosting collaboration from local, national & international organizations or government bodies.


Contact Us

  • 1255 FM Rd 723, Rosenberg, TX 77471

  • 281-845-9918

  • universalshraddha@gmail.com

  • www.usfglobal.org